What we do is…

….basically everything!


Brightscapes provides the service of –


Design – designing your new outdoor lifestyle…

or complex drainage to save your home.

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Construction – building your dream entertaining area…

or installing major structural walls…

or just adding a cute bluestone path to your front door.

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All Access Landscaping and Excavation – our machine can fit through tight access which allows for an easy and effective way to bring in bulk materials and remove anything unwanted…

our 4×4 truck or our narrow truck gives us options to make any landscape possible. 

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With our vast experience and varied requests, we find a solution to make any landscape possible.

We have designed and constructed many many landscapes. From a unique entertaining area that wows your guests, to a structurally engineered wall that prevents land slippage, to moving bulk materials through tight access that otherwise could not be done.

Brightscapes is focused and committed in getting the end result in an efficient, safe, and respectful manner (with plenty of banter and laughs of course!).



Let us know what you would like..

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