Design – designing your new outdoor lifestyle…

or complex drainage to save your home…


Designs are used for a number of different reasons weather it being for a beautiful hardwood deck with a custom firepit built in or a drainage system that ensures you piece of mind.

We are able to work off a plan or design or no plan or design. This doesn’t mean we don’t have the big picture in mind and don’t have a plan of attack. A lot of our landscapes are built just by constant communication with our clients.

As the landscape develops ideas from clients change allowing flow and flexibilty. We understand that sometimes things, ideas, thoughts and discussions with spouses just change! (you know what we mean!)

We however have 3 simple options if you do want or need a plan.

1) We can put together a concept plan that can help you visualise your new landscape.

2) We can give you a consultation from plant expert Dan Yakich (structural landscaper) from New Leaf Nursery. (fee applies)

3) We can give you a 3D computer generated drawing of your new landscape. (fee applies)





Let us know what you would like..

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